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We build these bridges not for ourselves, but for those that follow in our path.

If you have found us because you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one, we understand that this is a difficult time. For over 15 years, Building Bridges has been helping young adults and their families work through this difficult period and start working towards a sober and manageable lifestyle.

We welcome you to explore our website or call us at (406) 827-9853 for more information and to determine if Building Bridges is right for your family.

We Believe

It is our mission to guide those individuals in need along a path that leads to a sober and positive life.

In this journey our role is that of a guide, providing direction and support to ensure those in our care stay on the path to recovery and ultimately may become a guide for others in need.

Our ultimate goal is to help the individual and the family return to a healthy realtionship.