Building Bridges provides a supportive & structured environment designed to create opportunities for healthy growth & development

Through the use of multiple, complimentary counseling approaches we encourage students to find healthy outlets for their time and energy, rewarding positive behaviors as they are demonstrated. This is an approach that mimics real world circumstances and creates a true platform upon which each young man can continue to build for the rest of his life. The process can take time, and there will be challenges along the way, but with the support of his peers, family, and counselors, each student learns to develop the confidence and strength to create a manageable and healthy life for themselves. Along the way, family bonds will be strengthened; new sober friendships will be created; and each young man will develop his own individual ‘toolbox’ to help them overcome the challenges that life presents.

Our program incorporates many different methods that our expert therapists will employ in unique ways to offer each student a therapeutic experience that is unique to them. Beginning with an Individual Treatment Plan, the young men in our program will begin to focus on their struggles with family and interpersonal relationships, self-confidence, and troubling behaviors. To guide them along this path, we follow a strong 12-step program. Several weekly group sessions provide an opportunity for peers to provide important and meaningful feedback, which is often a reaffirmation of feedback that may be shared during the student’s one-on-one sessions with his counselor. Family sessions, visits, and regular phone calls reinforce the student’s work on strengthening his family relationships.

Multiple Therapeutic Methods

At the core of our approach lies the belief that no single therapeutic method fits all. From CBT to EMDR; DBT to Reality-Based and a host of other therapeutic methods – by combining various evidence-based approaches, we create a more dynamic and adaptable treatment plan. Clients benefit from a diverse toolkit, enabling therapists to tailor interventions and techniques to suit their specific circumstances and personality. When multiple therapeutic methods converge, the result is a more comprehensive and profound healing experience.

Individual Therapy

Individualized therapy places you at the heart of the healing journey. Our skilled therapists work closely with you to understand your history, challenges, and goals. The customized treatment plan allows for focused attention on your unique needs, resulting in more profound insights, breakthroughs, and personal growth. The benefits of individualized therapy include:

Group Therapy

Group therapy complements individual therapy by fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among individuals with shared experiences or concerns. Participating in group sessions brings its unique set of advantages:


Milieu therapy allows us to use our surroundings and peers to engage in healthier ways of thinking, encourage positive decision-making, and experience growth along multiple fronts. The true power of milieu therapy is in its very nature – it takes our everyday experiences and allows us to leverage them toward the goal of positive growth.

Family Therapy

A student’s success may be strongly associated with the growth and strength of their family unit. Our families participate in weekly individual sessions with their son’s therapist to gain insight and knowledge of their son’s progress, family sessions with their son present, individual sessions with our family therapist, and two on-site multi-day family conferences in the fall and spring.

Recreational Therapies

Recreational activities offer a range of beneficial physical, emotional, and behavioral benefits that are a vital and natural extension of our program. Showing young men new and positive outlets for their energies is an important tool for them to use in a sober and manageable lifestyle.