Student Profile

Building Bridges accepts students from 14 to 18 years of age who are struggling with chemical dependency, disruptive behaviors – both in the home and in the school – as well as behavioral and social issues, such as depression and anxiety. Typically, young men in these circumstances will be struggling academically, acting out at home and in the community, be oppositional/defiant, and may have experienced drastic changes in their choice of friends – with positive peers being replaced by negative peers.

Our program is designed for students who have graduated from a short term residential or wilderness style program and are willing to look at their issues in a serious and committed fashion. The average young man in our program will attend public school, and should be able to handle the academic challenges of the average high school in a highly supportive environment. Existing academic issues should be readily manageable with extra help or medication, but more often than not we find that by improving their personal lives, our students excel in school without the use of any medications.

Our average length of stay ranges from 12 to 24 months and is highly dependent on the student’s progress. Some of our students accept and understand the process rather quickly, while others may take a while longer to make that progress. Our counselors and staff will work closely with each family to determine the appropriate expectations for the student’s length of stay.