Transition Planning


One of the last stages of a young man’s therapy is the Transition stage. As our students progress through their program and they are closing in on a successful graduation from Building Bridges, we begin to work on their transition program. This is specifically designed to help those who are preparing to finish the program and move on to their next chapter. Our therapists will work closely with each student and family to determine the best transition plan and make sure it aligns with your son’s therapeutic work.

The Transition Program will typically begin 3 months prior to your son’s graduation from Building Bridges. Our family therapist, Tammy Alexander, MS LCPC, leads this program and helps both students and parents through this important process.


Weekly groups with transitioning students where we focus on intentional subjects to challenge your son to design a departure plan that highlights the expectations of both him and his family.
Weekly Zoom meetings with parents where they will be challenged with their own therapeutic work to process how they can best help their son with this transition.
Regular and as-needed calls are offered to all transition parents to support the therapeutic work they and their sons are asked to complete throughout the transition process.
After a student returns home, each family also has 3 scheduled hours of family therapy to ensure that goals are being met and supported in this important next chapter.


All transitions in our lives carry challenges. Our goal is to help our students and you be prepared for and capable of meeting these challenges successfully, in a manner that works for all involved.