Bigger & Better

Bigger & Better

It’s been an exciting year for us! We have added to our counseling team, broadened our students participation in community and school events, implemented new reports and procedures that give us even more information on our students progress, but the biggest change for 2019 is our new residence and campus! Our old facility has served us well for over twenty years, but it has been a goal of ours to create a purpose built residence, campus, and administration office. Earlier this year, we broke ground and expect to have the residential program fully transitioned by Fall!

The new campus was designed from the ground up to align closely with our goals, provide an even better student experience, and streamline our operations. The search for our new location did not take long! We were able to secure our site and begin construction within just a few months. Our new campus is located just a few miles east of our current location, and situated on 44 acres of beautiful Northwest Montana. The new campus will be home to a single, much larger residence, allowing us to have all our students in a single building. The increased space and new design will be more functional and comfortable for students and staff alike.

We are especially excited at the opportunities the new area will offer us. The property includes private access to the river, meaning water skiing days will be much easier to manage, and we will be able to have more of them because of it. The students will have access to the river as well (supervised, of course) to swim and recreate in the water. Behind the property is an excellent sledding hill, and we expect our students will turn it into a bit of a snow park in short order. All in all, the new location will allow us to provide better services and manage the ins and outs of every day with more efficiency. This, in turn, will allow us to focus more on our students and their progress.

The first phase – completion of the residence and moving in – is underway. After that, we  we will begin working on a permanent base camp for our summer adventure-trips, moving the administration offices on campus, and building out the myriad storage and outbuildings needed to keep everything organized and ready. Throughout this entire process, we have kept the student experience and their overall benefit at the forefront of all our decisions.

Check out our Gallery to see pictures of the whole project as it progresses. We encourage you to come out and take a tour of the new property and residence whenever you come out for a visit.