High School

High School

The high school experience is a big part of every teenager’s life. The social aspects – bonding with friends, sharing a common experience, going to prom, participating in sports, etc – are a huge part of a teenagers overall life experience and is a wonderful teacher. We are strong believers that every student deserves the opportunity to earn that experience. At Building Bridges, every student has just that opportunity, including all the extracurricular and community activities that includes.

Students who have earned that opportunity will get to have a full high school experience. Throughout the years, we have had students participate in:

  • Football, Cross Country, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Golf, Soccer, and Baseball
  • Science Olympiad, Envirothon, Drama, Choir, Concert and Pep Band, Poetry Out Loud, Ecology Project International
  • Field trips for educational purposes, and some just for fun
  • Prom, Homecoming, and Winter formal (we have several Homecoming and Prom Kings on our ranks!)
  • Pep rally’s and bonfires, Senior Graduation Night Celebrations, Talent Shows
  • College planning and tours, exploring military option and meeting with recruiters
  • ACT and SAT testing

If it’s a part of high school our students can do it!

Over the course of their stay, many of our students form close bonds with their peers and educators. Some form stronger ties than that. Two of our alumni met their future partners while attending high school here. All of this happened because they were allowed the opportunity to practice their new skill set and grow in a natural, reality based environment.

Public school enrollment. One of the many ways we bring reality to treatment.